Monday, April 4, 2016

Finding Your Niche In All You Do

         We tell our kids the same thing all the time. Try, try again. Try until you get it right. Don't give up. Start again. Practice makes perfect. We have ingrained this mentality into our culture. We say the same thing to our friends, co-workers, parents, nieces, nephews, etc...

         Stop and think about this though. What happens when as hard as you try, you still fail? Let's be realistic here. Not everyone is going to make it to the top. Not everyone is going to be drafted to the NFL, or the NBA, or any other national sports league. Not everyone is going to make the team. Whether it is the middle school team, high school team, AAU League, or any other league.

         And lets face it, you might write that novel, edit it, edit it until you just run out of changes, query it and get rejected. Do you stop? No. You try again. Why? Because that is what makes us better writers. And you should. You get back on that horse. You take that master piece of yours and it edit it again. You send it to partners and you are thrilled when they rip it to shreds. Now we are getting somewhere. You edit again, and again and again. Now you tackle that query. You work on it night and day. You walk away, you send it out for critique. You edit again, and again. Until you just don't know what other changes you can make.

     You do your research on agents. You send your query out in small batches just to get more rejections. Finally you get a request for a full. You are on cloud nine. Nothing can upset you now. Months pass as you try not to think about your baby. You start to work on another manuscript, although that first baby is never far from your thoughts. Finally you hear news. The agent isn't interested. Suddenly you can't decide if you want to scream or cry.

     Seriously though, what happens when a manuscript just isn't working? How long do you play this game until you finally put it aside and say. Okay, I love you but I have to move on. And when you do look into yourself and see your work as other people see it? Maybe the style of writing isn't working, maybe it's the genre, maybe it is the demographic?  Try didn't styles of writing, different genre, play with YA, Adult, Picture Books. You might find you actually enjoy one more than other, or you at better at one over another.

     We all have gifts. The trick is not to dwell on our weakness, but to find our strengths and work on perfecting those. We are all good at different things. That is what makes us unique. Find what you are great at, work on that, and excel. That is goal for this year. What is yours?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Body Image

This picture is perfect. Notice the caption. "The Perfect Body." Yet all of the women in this picture are different. Yup, diversity is perfect. No one is exactly the same. The same size clothes never fit the same on anyone. It is time clothing ads change to conform to the every day women. In fact I personally believe models for the run way as well should be all shapes as well.  Well it looks like we finally might be heading in that direction.

According to an article I read on the Today Show website, The U.S. Health Department says the United States should start to regulating the BMI (Body Mass Index) mass of models. This finding is coming out after France just started regulating it for models. They, in fact need a doctor's note stating they are healthy enough to work in the country.

Click on over and read the article.

I hope this regulation is put into effect. There are to many girls and women out the fighting anorexia. It is a horrible disease. I pray everyone fighting it, finds inner peace and health. I am so glad DOVE has taken the initiative and has changed their mission on body image. I know you have noticed their adds support everyday women of all shapes, sizes and color.

Girls need to know they are beautiful just the way they are.  I also hope the ballet industry has the same regulations.

On a side note. Notice this is about girls. Well I have boys and I worry about my boys because believe it or not young boys go through the same thing. I found this article over on the Today Show as well.

Now like the women in the article, my boys are healthy in their weight and in how they view themselves, but if you think you don't have to keep tabs on it, you are wrong. Check in on your kids, your nieces and nephews. Make sure they love themselves as much as you love them. Them and only then, will we be rid of negative body image.