Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Murphy's Law

No matter how well you plan, murphy's law will find a way to put a dent into your plans.  Now don't get me wrong, my weekend plans were by no means ruined.  Actually my weekend way very nice. But that's not to say that murphy's law didn't show up either.

My weekend was all planned.  The hotel reservations were made, the dinner reservations were also made, the kids and the puppy were at the grandparents and my neighbor took care of the dog.  It was all taken care of.  We had a little time before we took off the weekend so my husband decided to cut the grass and change a tire on the trailer for the boat before we left.  If all went well, we be out to the house by 10:30 am.  That was the statement that jinxed us.

I comfirmed out dinner reservtions.  There was none.  Even though I made them a week and a half ago.  I remade them.  Thank God there is still an opening. Murphy's Law number One.

Then it was the trip to the lawn mower shop that set us back.  Murphy's Law number Two.
Okay, so now we are good to go.  We get to our desination, and drop off our luggage, and walk down to town. where my husband need to stop and rest because his back hurts, while I continued to shop without him. Murphy's Law number Three.

The rest of the evening went fine.

The next moring we planned on going to the Vinyard to buy some wine.  It's sunday and they don't open until 12pm.  We need to be back home by then to meet friends for a crab boil at the marina.
Murphy's Law number Four.

Get home and something died in our frigerator while we were away. Clean frigerator. Murphy's Law number Five.
Get a call from a friend of ours.  They are dropping the water on the pond to work on the damn.  We HAVE to get the boat out now. Murphy's Law number Six.

It's lunch time and I have no food in my house. You could open my fridge and yell in there and it will echo. I have nothing to make my friends kids for lunch while he is helping my husband take out the boat.  Murphy's Law number Seven.

Now we are running late to the crab boil, and to meet our friends.  Murphy's Law Eight.

We had a great time at the crab boil. 

Pick up the kids and the puppy just on time.  But ran around to do it, which is exactly what my husband wanted to avoid. 

So you see, in one weekend Murphy's Law showed up eight times.  Did it ruin my weekend?  No. Not even close, it just goes to show that life happens, and when it does, Murphy's Law is never to far behind. Just roll with it and you'll be fine. 


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