Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Technology can be our friend and it can be a hinderance.  I am not the most technical of people so setting up an account and linking it to Facebook can take me longer then it probably should.  That is usually when I call my husband over and have him help me, but I'm trying to not do that so it takes me a while longer.  My seven year old can probably figure it out before I can.  Just figuring out the new cells phones today can be frusterating.  I only use mine for emergencies, and I honestly don't know what the use is when the battery keeps dying on m every day anyway.  I love my iPod though.  I listen to it in the kitchen on the charger.  That way I can listen to the music I want without talk or commercials.  Love it!  And my lap top which everyone seems to steel from me.  One thing great about a lap top though, my office is where every I am.  I love taking it to the pond and working on my manuscripts while looking out and watching the kids playing in the water.  How many people get to work that way I ask you?  Yes, you have to love technology with all it's perks, even if it is frusterating getting it all set up. 

How many of you have kids that are more technology inclined then your are? 

How many of you have hard time posting something on the web?  Share with me.

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