Thursday, September 9, 2010

There is no cold in baseball, or is there?

There is no cold in baseball or is there?  Well in my town there is.  Think about it.  Baseball season starts in the spring.  Now, unless you live in the south, it can still be anywhere from down right cold in April to cool in and that is the month baseball season starts.  So now it is September and although it isn't cold it can still get cool enough at night to want a light jacket or sweat shirt. Especially towards evening.  I know most of you are probably wondering what September has to do with baseball. I'll tell you.  In my town while a lot of kids are gearing up for football and soccer and in some towns lacross, my town has decided to extend baseball season.  That's right Fall Ball.

For a person who has never really got into the whole baseball thing,  I have found fall ball, at least so far to be refreshing.  I like my kids, decided that soccer is not a favorite. Standing in the freezing cold for early morning soccer games while the grass is still wet from dew or as the season wears on frost, is not my idea of fun or theirs apparently. You know I just can't blame them for that.

So instead I sit at the picnic table and watch my kids play on the ball field under the game lights with my little puppy curled on my lap sleeping.  It is cool out tonight and I haven't decided if I am keeping him warm or he is keeping me warm, I should have brought that jacket.  Honestly though I don't mind either way.  I'm enjoying the cool air while I watch my kids enjoying the last of the warm weather while they brush up on their skills for the spring.

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