Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple picking

Apple picking is one of  the north east's favorite fall past times.  There is just something about walking through rows of apple trees with a bag and a picker in hand picking your own apples right off the trees.  My family likes to go every year.  We might be late in the season one or two years, but we always seem to fit it in the schedule. This year we tucked in between buying new shoes for my boys and their base ball game. 

It was a quick trip, probably our quickest yet, but that didn't mean it was any less fun.  We went with a friend of ours as usual, a yearly ritual you might say.  To add some fun to it the kids switch cars.  The kids love to change things up, that way they get to spend more time with their friends.  It's nice, and everyone enjoys the change, even for a few minutes drive. 

At the orchard we do our usual.  We never pick the apples in the front of the orchard.  That's too easy, and not worth the trip.  We go to the back of the orchard and pick our apples there.  We walk the rows looking at each tag to see what type of apple is on the trees, and once we find what we like, we pick.

This year I brought my phone and took some pictures of the kids picking apples.  I was especially excited because I never had a phone that had that application.  Okay so I did, but I didn't have it on my plan.  Now I do.

Once our bag was full, we walked back through the rows of apples, trying to stop the kids from picking more apples and putting them in the bag, and made our way back to the front of the orchard.  My husband paid for the apples and then the kids were like vultures going at the bag.  They just had to have one of their apples to eat right away.  It's always fun watching them eat their fresh picked apples walking back to the car.

So now I have all these apples and I'm just hoping they all get eaten or put into a cake or pie, before they go bad. Yeah, like that's going to happen.

What about you do you find you pick to many apples when you go apple picking?

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