Monday, October 25, 2010


Fall always seem to be a good time to get some heavy cleaning done. Getting rid of all the dust and cobwebs before the air conditioners and storm door and windows go up always is a good idea. It's best to get it done early because before you know it the holidays will be here and you'll have no time to do it.

After all the house will be closed up from the cold air all winter long. These past few weeks my husband and I have been doing exactly that.  It's never a fun thing to do, but once it is done it feels so nice to sit back and look at what you have accomplished.

For me it's the time of year when I take down all the curtains and wash them.  I hate this job.  It wouldn't be so bad if every room in my house only had one or two windows like many houses today, but my house is a beautiful colonial built in 1946.  I have five windows in just about every room.  When we moved in I bought curtains for one room per year.  Curtains can be expensive and I have expensive taste.

Curtains and windows weren't the only things that got cleaned.  My husband tackled the garage while I tackled the craft draws and the curtains, then  I helped him with the basement.  Now we have two boys and like any kid, kids accumulate toys.  Some things you are convinced you will keep for the grand kids while other toys get thrown away.  The you have the crib, and the changing table, and the rest of the big toys like easels and kitchen sets,etc...  Before you know it your house is over taken by toys and things that you no longer need.

We made piles, and made a trip to the dump or the in-laws who thankfully agreed to take the unneeded stuff for my husbands brother and wife.  They now have a baby boy and can use some the the stuff for him. I have to say it felt good to get rid of so much stuff that the boys will no longer use, and we as parents no longer need. 

By the time we were done, my craft draw now hold table cloths again and my garage and my basement almost looks pre-kids.  Looking around at the basement and the garage part of me felt a relief, a sign of the times that the kids are growing up, and moving on to different actives. Although there is a small part of me that yearns to see the toys back where they were, taking up space in my garage and basement showing signs that they were there.  After all the chaos  means kids and activities.

I'm glad the they are gone though,  I  have no plans to fill the space with something else.  No, I like it clean the way it is. No, just knowing they were there at one point is enough for me.  My family has moved on to a new stage, and that is going to be exciting enough. 

I'm looking forward to what comes next for my kids and my family.  Sure I'm nostalgic for how it was when the kids were young, but I'm ready to move on to new adventures in parenting, and I think my family is too.

Doesn't that turkey look good?  Sorry if you thought this post was about cooking, it was the best fall picture I could find without people in it. Go figure?  What about you?  Do you get a sense of relief when you throw away unneeded things?  Do you long the for way life used be be?

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