Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boy Scouts

I got the pleasure to take my son to a boy scout troop meeting in November.  He is a first year Weblo right now and the cub scout pack leader wanted to introduce the boys to the boys scouts.  It was a very intertesting meeting.  The boys scouts ran the meeting, notice I didn't say the boy scout leader, while the parents went into small room and were introduced to the troop leader and the activities and resposiblitity expected of the scouts when they become boy scouts.

My husband has always told me how important it is that our boys participate in cub scouts/boy scouts, and to be honest. I have always thought it is an awful lot of work for the parents.  In cub scouts the pack graduates togethers, the parents have to keep track of their activities so they can earn the belt loops and patches. Don't get me wrong the trips are wonderful  and are really once in a lifetime events. Most importantly is how much they learn during these events. It's just a committment on the whole family's part, let me restate that, it is a commitment on the whole family's part. 

 Boy scouts is different. The work is on the scout.  It is now their turn to take the ropes in their own hands and learn to be responsible for themselves. The whole idea is to guide these young men, hate to say it but that's what some of them are, young men, and mold them into a leadership role. The parents were informed at the meeting that most of this molding is done throught the requiremtments that occur during the camping trips.  The boys are basically forced to learn survival skills. 

The troop had planned a camp out that weekend and we were told what the scouts were required to do during the camp out. It doesn't matter what the wheather is, they will be camping regardless. The troop is split up into teams, givin a map, and they have to use their compass to find their food.  Every team has a different path so they can't just follow each other to their prized food.  They also learn how to make their own shelter in the woods, cook without pots and pans, or utensils.  Now I am not an outdoorsy person, and even I was intergued.  It honestely sounded like fun.  Not something I would want to do all the time in the cold and rain or snow, but fun just the same.

After watching the boy scouts finish up leading the meeting and guiding the cub scouts I was totally impressed. My feeling of being over whelmed with the amount of a commitment cub scouts is totally changed.  Suddenly it all seemed worth it. Once I saw those boys leading the meeting, and taking on that leadership role, I knew it was the right program for every boy.  If any of you out there have boys and have gone through this, this is old news to you. As for me, this is my first time.

It got me to wonder during the meeting how many of the boys have gone on to leaderships roles in their careers? What careers have they chose, and how many joined the military?  Food for thought.  Share with me your thoughts, do you have a cub scout or boy scout?  How has it helped in their life? Do you know any one who was a scout?  What career path did they chose?


  1. I think scouts is a GREAT way for a kid to learn cooperation, leadership, and a greater awareness of themselves as well as humanity/others. I was a girl scout as a kid, and my brother a boy scout. Cool experience!

  2. My husband was a scout, he's now an attorney. Is that helpful? I was a den leader for cub scouts and I can agree with you that cub scouts is a WAY lot of work!

  3. I only made it to Brownies myself. I remember how much fun it was. Scouts totally different. It's nice to see how scouts does mold a person so thank you Jolene! :-)

    Carol- It is a great way to learn all types of skills, and I like how they are the person in control of what they learn. :-)

    Thanks! And Happy Turkey Day!

  4. Not sure if you knew that that Uncle John attained Eagle Scout status? My mom still has the newspaper article.