Monday, November 22, 2010

Buster Brown

I am writing this post at the request of my son.  I recently read him my post about Rascal our puppy and he thought that our older dog Buster should get his own page as well. After trying to decided what exactly I wanted to write, I decided to give Buster his share of fame.

My husband and I got Buster when he was a year and half old.  He was a wiry dog who was  full of energy and love.  He is a yellow Labrador retriever, who is afraid of water.  Actually terrified.  He would run around the edge of water but refuse to go in.  Not even his paws. One thing he loved to do in his younger years was chase cars and motorcycles.  We had an electric fence put in so he wouldn't run away and it worked great.  Only instead of running down the street chasing the cars he would run back and forth on my front lawn making a mini run way for himself.  My neighbors used to laugh at the strip of grass missing from Busters runs.  So Buster was moved to the backyard.  That didn't stop Buster from running though, now the run way was in the back yard.

Years have past and now my first baby is 14 years old. Pretty damn good for a dog I'd say. He has slowed down a lot over the years. He no longer jumps like a rabbit or chases cars in the back yard. Although the strip of dirt remains.  Buster is half blind, and he doesn't hear as well as he used to.  He stares into space once in a while like he has forgotten what he was going to do.  A least two times a night he barks to go outside.  Let's face it at 14 years old, you just can't wait until morning some times.  So at least twice a night I take him out and chaperon him in the backyard.  Just recently I noticed him starting to drag his back left leg.  Buster is old, but he still has a lot of life left in him,  you have to do be able to deal with Rascal.  And Rascal loves having his older "brother" around to jump on and learn from.  Puppies and dog are a great combination together I decided. The older dog teaches the younger dog the rules of the house, while the younger dog keep the older dog young at heart. 
Trust me, I've seem Rascal teach Buster a few new tricks as well.  What is your take on puppies and dogs.  How do your dogs get along?  Share with me.


  1. I believe it's great for an older and younger dog to be together. I'm sure it keeps him young at heart. He's a beautiful dog. We have two labs and they are both afraid of the water. Crazy isn't it. Ours are only a few months apart so I can't compare your situation. :)

  2. How wonderful you've had your dog(s) for so long. I've never owned a dog personally, tho we had a few growing up that weren't really "pets" because they were tied up outside all the time. Boo! That's a terrible dog's life, watching the neighborhood go by at the end of a rope.
    I'm more of a cat person, myself, altho I loooove little puppies!