Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cards

It's time for Christmas cards!  It's the time of year when people are actually happy to get mail.  We run to our mail boxes and are excited to get all of the beautiful assortments of cards from loved ones flooding our mail box.

I have to admit though, at over the years my Christmas card list has grown to the point where it is getting out of hand and I have been forced to go over the list to make sure all the necessary people make the list. That always leave a dangerous question though, who makes the list and who doesn't? This is a delicate subject.  First and foremost for me is making sure immediate family gets a card (this includes parents and siblings) then grandparents and great grandparents form the very top of the list.  After that all of the great aunts and uncles are next.  Then my cousins (both sides of the family), then friends.  Before you know it you have at least 50-60 people on this list.  At one point I have over 50 people.  After that year I've tried to cut  it down to 50.  I can't seem to go lower than that, and I fight to keep it there year after year.

 I used to go to the studio and have them professionally done but our schedule has gotten so busy over the years that it had gotten to hard to fit in.  Instead I have hunted through pictures of our own and used on line services to have the cards made up.  Technology at it finest.  These days I try to remember ahead of time.  Like this year I took a picture while we were apple picking and used that.  In years past I've used pictures I've taken while picking out our Christmas tree, or previous Christmas's or family outings at the pond. There is something about it that makes the day a little more special, just knowing that I get to share a small moment of my day with my friends and family.

Everyone has there own way of sending out cards.  Which way works for you?  Studio, or picking one of your own like me?  Do you send pictures or just the card themselves? Share with me while I put on the stamps.

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  1. Gah! I used to have over 100 on my Christmas card list, including practically everyone my husband and I could think of. It took me DAYS to get our cards out. Whew. Slashed it to 50 about 10 years ago, and now I send out under 20. Usually I just send a Christmas email; it's cheaper! But certain relatives don't have email, and I send to them. I've never done photo cards, although those are nice.