Thursday, December 16, 2010

Experimenting with Genre

I wonder how many people start off writing believing that they are going to write in a specific genre.  They study that category, browse through the book store isles to see what type of books are selling and type away at their novel believing it to be the next great thing. 

And then something happens.  Your novel that you spent so much time and dedication writing and slaving over goes no where.  Not one agent likes it.  Oh you get promising rejection letters like send me something else, but you know that a no is a no, no matter how nice it sounds.  No it is time to re-evaluate your pride and joy.  Do you give up on that work of art?  Or keep pluging away at it? 

Some people close the chapter on that novel for a while and start another.  I did.  I started another, and another, and I have to be honest none of them felt like the first.  Something wasn't right.  I wanted them to be.  The last one I started felt right when I started and I still think there is a story to tell, but for some reason my belief in the story dwindled.  I will go back to it and fix it, but not now. Now I need to experiment with my writing.  I need to see what styles of writing feels good, what is easy, hard and fun. 

I'm in the process of doing that now.  I did finally finish another story line, infact I have already finished two and I have two more that I have in mind.  I'm not telling what style of writing it is or what genre.  That's a secret. 

What inspires you to write the genre that you do? Why did you chose it?  Experiment with other genre's and see where your strength lies. 


  1. I learned early on that I wasn't necessarily good at the genres I enjoy reading the most.

    When I first started writing, I loved reading horror. So I thought it was only natural that I write horror novels. Needless to say, I am no Stephen King. I flat out sucked at it. I can't scare people.

    But once I gave that up, I did learn that my real life interest in the unexplainable things like ghosts, spirits, reincarnation (basically anything paranormal)really sparked in my writing.

    The tough part is figuring out what you're good at and also enjoy!

  2. Tracey that is so true. A writer can learn about about themselves through the process.

  3. Good points. I thought I loved reading and writing fantasy, then realized I wasn't into HIGH fantasy--just the magical realism, the twist of magic on an otherwise contemp story. I've also experimented with sci-fi, but my sci-fi is LIGHT, and I'm not sure what my post-apocalyptic WIP is. Light post-ap? LOL But I do experiment.

  4. It's a learning process I'm finding. I'm finding its part of the part to finding your voice, and who you want to listen.