Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Thursday January 20, 2011 was a sad day for my family.  It was the day my husband and I finally made the decision to let  our 14 year old Buster go home to heaven.  January 21, 2011 was his last trip to the vet.  Buster had been showing signs of being ready for that last journey for a long time.  I was the one who wasn't ready.  He still had life in him.  He was still getting up every morning, eating, doing his business and happy.  This past month though, his health went down hill, very down hill.  He had a hard time walking, steps had become a chore, he started falling all the time, and then there were the accidents.  

My husband and I saved Buster from a neglectful family 13 years ago.  He was a year and a half when we got him.  I don't blame the family we got him from for neglecting him.  At the time they had his sister and two young children.  Buster's sister was older, from a different litter and great with the kids, Buster thought at a year and a half was to much puppy for them to handle.  My husband and I took him home and spoiled him rotten.  He was our first baby.

Although a lab Buster was terrified was water.  He would dance around a pond barking and yapping at the water and the frogs and bugs, but would never get further then his paws, and how he hated it when you touched his paws.  As for thunder and lightening? Forget it.  You could always find Buster hiding in the bathroom with his nose pressed against the door jamb refusing to move.  Good luck if you had to use the bathroom, because he was just going to have to join you in there. LOL.

I'll never forget the time we took Buster on vacation to the Cape Cod.  He was chained outside our cabin and there was a passing thunder shower.  Poor puppy, tried to jump through the screen window of the cabin.  He didn't make it, and we had to pay for the screen to be fixed.  That was Buster's last vacation with us.  If you ever saw the movie or read the book Marley and Me, you know my Buster.  I think a lot of people have Marley's and I think that is a good thing.God I miss him.

Once my husband and I had kids we always made sure the kids were comfortable with dogs.  Buster was part of the family, and we didn't want the kids to be afraid of them.  My oldest used to play with Buster's ears, pull his tail and sit on him all the time while Buster like a good boy would just look at me as if to say, "can't you get him off me?" 

My husband and I are dog people and it is important to us that our kids know the love of a dog was well.  Unfortunately with knowing the love of a pet you also know the loss of a pet. This is the first time my kids have experienced the loss of a loved one, human or animal.  It broke my heart to see there face when we told them the news.  I feel their pain.  This isn't the first time I have lost a pet, and it won't be my last, but it still sucks.  As for my kids?  The first time is the hardest.  They will get through it, we all do.  My kids have never known what it is like to not have a dog, that is why it was so important to me that we get Rascal before Buster's time came.  I knew that it would ease the kids pain, and to be honest, mine.

We love and miss you Buster. Chase those squirrels baby.


  1. Hugs, Cynthia. I'm crying reading your post. I can't imagine the pain you're feeling right now.

  2. Definite cyberhugs to ya. A dog is often an important part of a family, as is any pet. I've owned cats rather than dogs, but like you, I wanted my daughters to have the experience of loving a pet. It meant more than having a perfectly vacuumed, hair-free house without cat litter strewn about. :)

  3. I want to thank you for all your cyberhugs and thoughts. It means a lot. This is a busy time of year for my family so keeping busy and having Rascal has definitely helped.