Wednesday, February 16, 2011

But I don't want to go to ...........

This is something every parent hears at one point or another.  Sometimes it is only once in a while, for the less fortunate it can be heard once a week.  I fall into the less fortunate category.  I usually hear this whine once a week from one or the other of my kids (Yes, I'm really lucky, they take turns. ) when it comes to piano class.

My husband and I decided to offer our kids music lessons in addition to signing them up for sports.  Of course we asked our kids if they wanted to, and they were very excited about it.  That of course was before they realized that it involved, dare I say it: work. Right away they no longer wanted to play the piano. They want to play the guitar, drums, violin, flute, you name it, anything but the piano still not realizing that they still  have to practice. So we did a little research on the idea of which instrument to start with.

Many of our friends are very musically inclined and play many different instruments, my husband and I? Not so much, so when we asked out friends advice on where to begin, every single one of them told us to start with the piano, because it is easier to switch to another instrument after you have learned the piano instead of the other way around.

The Deal.  Now my husband and I are totally willing to compromise on this switching instruments thing. Learn piano and once you have it down, you can switch to any instrument you want, except the drums.  Not that I don't want the banging, I just don't have room for it anywhere in my house or garage. 

But I don't want to play the piano anymore!  Still I hear this statement all the time, you know what?  I've learned not to listen. Why?  Because these same kids who whine about not wanting to play the piano or go to lessons, practice on their own every weekday morning before school, and when we go to someone's house who owns a piano, where do you think I find my kids for most of the time we are there?  That's right, in front of the piano, making beautiful music. Everyone is always blown away at how good they are at such a young age.

I believe they actually love the piano, really I do.  It's just like anything else, you hate having to go somewhere, but once you get there, you are so glad you went that you don't want to go home.  Have you ever had to deal with a child who didn't want to go to lessons for something?  Share with me, I'll be listening to my kids play Jingle Bells, Oh Christmas Tree, and Yankee Doodle Dandy one more time..


  1. Oh I have a daughter who whined and whined about softball. Like you said once she got there she had a ton of fun.

  2. I don't have children (yet), but I do have an inner child who throws a fit every time I get ready to exercise. And it's the same thing, she shuts up after I start and thanks me when I'm done.

  3. You know, I have three kids and I always feel better when I just expose them to something new. . .even if they end up hating it. Good luck:)