Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trying My Hand at Poems

I'm not poet and Don't I Know it!

But I"m curious about the craft of writing.  Recently I have decided to expand my learning curve to include writing picture books and poems.  I have completed a few picture books and I have already submitted three.  Still waiting to hear the news on those. 

In my research I found a great blog by Laura Purdie Salsa.  She has exercises weekly for writing poems.  They are quick and fun.  Hop over and check it out for yourself. That said I thought I'd post a few of my recently written poems to your enjoyment.

Snow Ball Fight
Snowball, snowball, flying through the air
Ever wonder how it got there?
Whoa look out---Oops
Well, I told you to look out.

S’mores Delight
Toasty warm
Crispy and light
Golden brown
A S’mores delight

Apples in a Basket
One, two, three
How many apples in the basket can I see?
One, two three, four, five maybe more
Oops one fell on the floor
Yummy in my tummy
Nope only four.

My partner in crime is plain to see
He’s my brother, my brother, who else would it be.

We sneak and creep so our parents can’t see
Our fingers in the cookie jar
Nope, it wasn’t me. 

My partner in crime is plain to see
He’s my brother, my brother, who else would it be.

We giggle and laugh under the covers at night
When the lights should be out
And then we do fight.
He kicked me
He pushed me
We say to the judge
Who rules over bedtime, our parents
Oh Fudge.

I know they aren't great, but hey, it's fun and I'm trying, and trying counts!  Share with me some of your own.


  1. Okay, the snowball one actually made me laugh out loud . . . and I'm at work (so not supposed to do that). Good job.

    See, now these are the kind of poems I can get into. Light and fun!

  2. Those were great!
    I wrote poems for a while, and then songs when I learned to play the guitar.
    I don't think most people appreciate poetry the way they should.