Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bye, Bye Winter

 The island near our cabin that got flooded with last springs rains

As we enter the month of March I find myself looking forward to the warmer weather and the spring flowers popping through the snow. I usually look forward to Easter too, but that is still a ways away.  I love this time of year.  Spring is around the corner and everything becomes new again. The trees start to blossom and the flowers start to poke their heads out of the snow.  This morning I actually heard the birds again. 

March is still cold around here  but you can still sense that the winter is coming to an end. How can I tell?  Well, for one, the weather is a little warmer, the snow is melting, and the weather is totally unpredictable.  But then again I live in New England, so that can be any season.

 The warmer weather for my family means starting to prepare the opening of my father's cabin on the lake around the corner.  It also mean my husband and boys can't wait to get the boat in the water.  Then there is opening day for fishing.  There's  a lot to do: clean the cabin, pick up the pine needles, un-wrap the boat, and put the water back on.  That's not including, the the spring cleaning that needs to be done at my house.

I forget, why do I look forward to spring?  Oh yeah, I remember, because when it's done it's done and summer is around the corner and  I get to enjoy fishing with my boys, reading a book on the pond, or working on my WIP, and socializing with great friends all weekend.  Not to mention the big fires roasting marshmallows on a cool spring night or summer.

What do you look forward to with the warmer weather?  Share with me, I'll be getting my boots out and stomping in the spring showers!

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  1. Sounds heavenly. I'd love to spend a summer at a cabin!