Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dude, What would Happen?

As a mother I love this show.  As a mother of boys, I love this show even more.  Why?  Simple, because it takes three teenage boys and lets them explore their interests in the cause and effect and lets them see what might happen.  What a perfect way to get kids interested in science today.

 The show lets three boys, CJ Manigo, Ali Sepasyar, and Jackson Rogow conduct experiments according to their interests. Some of the experiement are down right silly, take the show where they changelled a lumber jack to cutting deli meat.  The boys wanted to know who could cut through the deli meat faster; the lumber jack with his ax, or the boys using their bare hands.  Interestingly enough, the boys won. Sure surprised me.

Other's shows are not so silly, and take a more serious turn.  Now, adults know that these experiments, silly or not are all supervised. But the kids watching the show, at least the younger one, like the preteens might not realize this.  This is where the show is at a flaw.  They should state before every experiment that they are supervised and should not be done with out an adult, and expecially without and adult who know what the hell they are doing.  A science teacher would be nice.  I personally know a few of them, and they would LOVE to help out in these areas, if the interested arised.  
These three boys are full of excitement and energy. They are enthusiastic about the experiments they are going to conduct and  this helps a lot when you are trying to get kids interested in what you are doing.  They talk through their ideas and make a plan.  The show isn't overly scientific, and isn't meant to teach anyone thing in pertilar, it is meant to engage the kids, get them interested. That way when they go to their parents or even better their science class and ask questions, trust me the parents and teachers will be thrilled to talk to them about it, why?  Because they are interested in learning and interested in science, they just don't know it yet.  Every show has is flaws educational or not, at this one is looking in the right direction, and seems to be working.  The show is still on and has particiated in the Kids Choice Awards.  So they are doing something right.  What's your opinion?

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