Thursday, April 14, 2011

Office and it's Quirks

Every office has it's quirks.  Some offices are small and solitary. I say this because many people work from home.  Some offices are busy and hectic. This can be because you work from home and have kids at home with pets; or because you work in a doctor's office and it is the height of flue season.  What ever the reason, most offices, if not overly busy have a constant flow to it.  My office stands somewhere in the middle, we have days when we are really busy, then we have days when we are slow.  Not that there is nothing to do. There is always something that needs to be done, just nothing that is pressing for time.

Offices are all different in another way.  People in offices are quirky.  There is the chatter box, the quite silent hide behind your desk type, the jester, the mother, and the food person.  (feel free to add more depending on your office.) At any given time in my office there is always food spread on one of the tables.  Between 10:30 and 11:00 is snack time.  Every day someone will call out "Is it snack time?"  Right after these words are out the table fills up with food.  It's usually chips and salsa, or crackers and cheese.  Once in a while we will have grapes, or like yesterday I brought in a green bean salad for the tasting.  Yes, string beans. We've also been known to have had carrots and other veggies too. The string beans by the way were a hit. Everyone asked for the recipe. It's not surprising that since we all love food so much that we have parties for every one's birthday and holidays.  You know, it keeps the office happy.  It gives you a chance to talk and relax with each other without the stresses of work.

My office has it's quirks, I bet your does too.  I bet it makes the work day happier and go faster.  What are the quirks in your office?  Share with me.  I'll be making some more green bean salad to share.


  1. It's times like this that I miss being in an office, but then I hear the other side - back-stabbing and the like and I'm glad I work from home.
    I'll be the first to admit it gets lonely at times. I miss that adult interaction.

  2. The office in my house has two little people and a cat that attacks anything that moves.
    When I go to my parent's construction office (the two short blissful days a week when both kids are in school) there's a secretary with a foul mouth, floor installers and my sister who stops her work to interrupt my writing pretty regularly... BUT there's also free soda, stamps, faxing and printing... even NOVELS...