Thursday, April 21, 2011

Way Over My Head

Once a month the magazine Scientific American comes in the mail at my house.  I can see it now, most of you have your eyes popping out of your head and your jaws have dropped.  Stop gawking, and close your mouth.  The magazine is not sent to me.  It is sent to my husband.  He's the brain in my house.  That's not the point though.  The point is, unless you are doing research for a project, or happen to know some really either science minded people or technology minded people who read this magazine, I be many of you have never seen or opened it.  Honestly I hope not, because that would be a shame.

I say this this because as I try to read these articles, (notice I said try-they are way over my head) they are very interesting.  Every month I pick up the magazine and scan the cover to see what topics they will be discussing in this issue, and every time I am fascinated with the topics they have researched.  For example, just in March's issue alone did you know that Mercury will be orbited by spacecraft for the first time this month?  Or that computer images can show how brain cells talk to each other one molecule at a time?  Or how about and I quote from American Scientific itself, "By mapping equatorial rainfall since A.D. 800, scientists have figured out how tropical weather may change through 2100"?

I'm no science major, I don't care.  Well I didn't either until I realized I did.  Or maybe I don't and the writers are just really good and their marketing is great if it can get the eye of an English Literature major from way back when.

My point is.  This is our past, our future.  The articles in this magazine range from nature to technology to psychology.  What really fascinates me is that deep down it is about us, human nature.  Our thirst for knowledge, for compassion, for growth.  Sure the articles are hard to read and very in depth because they are written for people who study these thing themselves or are in a similar field, but if you peel back the layers, take away all the big words and fancy phrases it's a human interest story at the heart of it.  If you get a chance pick up a copy and give it a try.  It's amazing how big the world of knowledge is and where it can take you.

What books or magazines did you read because they were lying around and was glad you did?  Share with me, I'd love to know.  I'm going to find out about the Stonehenge and how the stone circle may have been a part of a larger ceremonial landscape.

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