Thursday, May 5, 2011

Man vs Wild

Now I am NOT the outdoorsy type, but I have to admit, these things do interest me.  Maybe it's because I have boys, or maybe it is because I grew up camping with my family, or maybe it's because I love the country more then the city.  What ever the reason nature in general and how the earth works and how man has learned to survive in it harsh elements have always interested me.

Think about it.  We have homes to give us shelter, we have electricity, and running water just to name a few, and yet when you step into the woods it is gone all of it.  Some people enter the woods and camp for only a few days but never really leave to conviences of their modern life behind.  They camp in campers, or cabins.  For some they take camping a step further and actually use a tent, but still hold on tight to the modern conviences of their lives.  They use store bought kitchen utensils, sleeping bags, pillows, they bring their radio's, DSI's, what ever it may be.

Now watch the show Man vs Wild.  To be honest I have only watch a few shows, but that is really all it takes to understand the jist of the show.  He is a lone man living in the wild.  His goal is not to educate you on how to live in the wild for an extended period of time, his goal is to teach you how to survive, God for bid you get lost, and you need to navigate your way out of you situation.  He teaches you how to make temporary shelter, cook food with no kitchen supplies at all, put you food in a place where bears can not get it, or you.  He also teaches you how to find you way back to the main food, or people if that be the case.

No, the show is not for everyone, but I find it very education, and it's a great reference when preparing a camping trip out into the wilderness.  How you ever watched Man vs Wild?  Tell me what you thought of it the show?  Did you learn anything you can pass on?  I did.  I learned how to cook fish wraped in a large leaf to protect it from burning over the fire.  Now it your turn to share.

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