Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Help! Looking for Advice on Self Publishing Digital Publishing

Before I get started I wanted to thank everyone who posted a comment on my Contest Entry.  Your advice and comments are very much welcome. I hope to share more samples of my work for your wonderful critique.

In fact I enjoyed your comments and advice so much that I'm asking for more.  You see I have been looking into self publishing and digital self publishing recently and I have to say there is is so much information out there that it is over whelming.  I have noticed from reading many of your blogs that many of you have decided to go the route of self publishing or digital self publishing as well.  I have researched the Amazon site, as well as many others and I was a little upset with how they suck you in to spending more money than you were originally hoping to spend.  The cheapest I have found was at Amazon who had posted $69.00 for digital. The problem I had and my husband had was it doesn't tell you if that is a flat fee or what?  Does anyone know?  Has anyone used Amazon?

The other problem I had as my husband and I searched the site was covers.  I don't have a cover to my book, and my husband brought up a very good point.  If he was searching for a book to read on a Kindle or iPad or what not, he wouldn't be interested if it didn't have cover art.  He's right, I wouldn't either.  Cover art helps to give you a clue to what the book is about, it gives you the feeling of the story without words.  That leaves me with; where do I find cover art?  Do I take a picture of my own and down load it? Do I hire an artist and pay?  Would the artist get paid royalty checks when the book sells, or is it a one time deal?  Did anyone else find themselves asking these questions? 

They might sound like silly questions to someone who has gone through all of this a million times, but for a newbie in the self publishing/digital age, there are so many questions, and the sites out there just seem to suck you in to spending more then you actually had budgeted.  Any advice would be really appreciated.

Tell me your experience in self publishing, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these and many other questions and it would be great if you can all help each other out.


  1. You will love epubbing, although I'm not sure about the $69 digital fee you spoke of. There is no fee to publish on Amazon/BnB/Smashwords. I'm about to publish my 4th book and - so far - haven't paid a dime. Blood and sweat, yes. Money, no. Me and some friends do my covers but eventually I'll want to contract out. But that would be a flat fee - no idea how much - and I would never enter into an agreement to give them any percentage thereafter. That kind of stuff might happen later on down the road when we become big ballers with castles and caamaros as far as the eye can see. I wonder if a Kinkos or Fed Ex could whip a cover up these days like they do for other business proposals...

  2. Hi there! A lot of different reasons lead people to self pubbing, and there are a lot of strong feelings on both sides. It took a lot of time and thought about what I actually wanted from publishing before I decided to go this route. I can't tell you how it's been, because my book just went up yesterday, so it's still all very new! :) I can tell you that I am a control freak and I love the control factor of self publishing. I also love that my book was up in a matter of days, rather than in a year or two as with traditional publishing.
    My experience so far has been great. I've met a lot of amazing people on this journey. The formatting for amazon and b&n was kind of a pain. I think I spent 3 days reformatting tabs and such before I got it right (I hope!) but that's all part of it! :) As for the fees, the only thing that I have paid for out of pocket so far has been my cover and a print copy of my novel that Amazon requires you to purchase before your print version can go "live" to check for errors in formatting, etc.. (it's discounted for the author.) As far as cover art, I purchased the rights for mine from a royalty free stock photo site and then had some changes made to it. (The hair color, some of the highlighting in it, adding the text to it.) (Luckily, my aunt is a prof. photograph restorer, because I am clueless about how to do any of that- but I know a lot of people do it just fine on their own!) :) Shoot me an email if you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer anything you've got. There's a "contact me" tab on my blog. Good luck, no matter what your decision!

  3. Hi! I'm going this route too, in fact, I just made it official recently by announcing it on my blog. Anyways, I know what you mean about it all seeming overwhelming. I've been compiling links about it on one of my blog posts, but I just saw one today that might be helpful for you:

    And they're free, so that's a definite bonus. Hope that helps :) Good luck!

  4. I want to thank you guys for your tips and advice. I'm going to check them out with my handy note pad. I'll keep everyone posted on what I decide.