Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Time is Play time

The school year is almost over, and everyone is trying to decide what they are going to do for vacation this summer.  The past two years the news media has been promoting the ever famous Staycation.  This year I wonder how many people are opting for the same type of vacation.

Let's face it, everything is expensive these days.  I was looking into camp for my kids this year, and for one week I'd be paying about $400.00 for two kids.  There was a time when $600.00 would get you camp for the whole summer.  What's with that?  Then I realized that some camps, like my town camp, doesn't have registration until June 11.  Hello, I need to be better prepared then that! 

This year, I don't think we will be venturing very far.  The kids will most probably go to the Cape Cod with their Nana and Pa, and my husband will probably join them for a day or two.  You're probably wondering why I won't be joining them.  It's not that I don't want to, it just that I'm allergic to mold and the Cape is mold city.  Not a good combonation with my allergies, but I wish them fun.  I might join them for a day, but not much more than that. 

We also have my Dad's cabin on a pond that we frequent a lot. Everyday is a vacation when it is only about a mile away from my house.  So I'm not complaining. 

What are your plans for the summer?  Are you going away, and where are you going? Or are you staycationing like me?
Write and tell me, I'll be washing the beach towels to get ready.


  1. Oh, how GOOD of you to plan something fun. I was just planning on writing/revising/more writing. Guess I'd better plan something to do for me and the hubbs or we'll have no fun at all! (no fun other than writing, that is LOL)

  2. We're hoping to get out and do a lot of camping. Last summer rained ALL YEAR, so we're hoping for lots and lots of sun :D