Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shock waves

My adorable puppy Rascal has turned 1 years old as of June 28th.  So technically he is now 7 years old in human years.  Unfortunately since he is not human he still has not learned to NOT chew my dinning room chairs, or the books on my book shelves, open up my garbage can (which has a lid for a reason)-both in the kitchen and the bathroom, or climb inside my dishwasher when I am filling it. Boy those dirty dishes must taste good. So to help "fix" this problem my husband and I decided to buy our little Rascal a training collar.

At first I didn't want to have to get one, I mean who wants to get zapped at the response to your actions.  I don't, but after a year, and my dinning room chairs getting ruined, not to mention books and him going into my garbage can and my dishwasher, something had to be done.

We haven't had the collar very long, but already I can see an improvement.  Rascal is learning what the collar does, therefore he is learning what is acceptable behavior and what it not. I still play fetch with the end of the day like I usually do and he still gets his favorite snack as a treat:  ice cubes. Hey, they are cheap and he loves them.  He has learned to sit and stay; which he actually learned before the collar, so it wasn't needed there. He's a smart dog and I know he will learn quickly.

It takes time and patience to train a puppy, but I'm finding in the long run, it is worth it.  Has anyone had the experience of using a training collar for their dogs?  Tell me about your experience, I'd love to know how it has worked for you.

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