Thursday, July 7, 2011

Starved for Attention

These days it is tough to write.  I'm sitting here trying to write this weeks blog and my puppy, a year old now is jumping up crying at me scratching my arm. Ow.  How do you write when there is a puppy always handing me  a toy and barking at me?

Right now he is licking my feet. It tickles so much, but I keep on typing.  Funny, I used to think my kids would be the ones to stop me from writing, I was wrong; it's my cute little tri-colored cavalier.  I have to say I love these dogs.  They are so damn cute.  One problem, they are starved for attention, even when they get tons of it.  Mine also loves to chew everything he can find.  So far I haven't lost any shoes.  Knock on wood, but he has found the books on my book shelves, and he already ate a sock that he needed surgically removed.  We decided it might be wise to take out insurance on him.

I promise you one thing: you will never be lonely with a King Charles Cavalier around.  I'll also promise you that when you look into those big brown eyes, you will forget how much of a pain he is.

How are your pets at home? Are they attention loving like mine, or calm and cool happy to be independent?  Let me know.  I'm going to be playing fetch with Rascal until I tire one of us out.


  1. Oh I have three dogs who think they're starved for attention. One, the yellow lab, has had surgery to have a rubber pacifier removed. I told the DH we need insurance on them - NOW!
    But like you said, you look into their eyes and fall in love all over again.


  2. yeah... I have a cat. You can imagine how little he cares what I'm doing...