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Annette Blair, National Bestselling Author Shares Her Writing Journey To Publication

  I'm very excited about this blog today.  Today I get to introduce to you a National Bestselling Author, Annette Blair.  I got a chance to meet Annette through my writing group RIRW.  A wonder group of  writers who are very supportive of each other and very giving of their time to help each other reach their goals, personally and professionally.  At one of our meetings Annette was asked to share with the group her experience with rejection letters.  I myself was very interested because I am still experimenting with my writing and honing my skills; to be able to see and hear what a best selling author went through, to me was and is priceless.  I asked Annette if she would share with us on my blog what she has experienced in her journey.   (Note:  all of this information can be found on Annette's website: as she has given me permission to use it.  But I must add. If you have any question for Annette please post them here in the comments section and Annette will answer as many questions as she can.  

About Annette

Former prep-school administrator and award-winning author Annette Blair owes her comprehensive theme of "Magic with Heart," to Salem, Massachusetts. The national bestseller writes single titles for Berkley Sensations and Vintage Magic Mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime. Her historical backlist can soon be found on an e-reader near you. 

In her thirty plus books, she’s explored nineteenth-century Amish Country; Regency and Victorian Britain; and madcap, modern Salem Mass, where bold women follow the Celtic faith with heart. There, she fought dragons, and fell in love with an angel. More recently, she’s solved mysteries beside Connecticut’s Mystic River. Wherever Annette’s landed, she's thrived. An adventurer and storyteller at heart, she’s proud to be a second generation American with French Canadian roots. Her Paranormals include her Accidental Witch Trilogy, her Psychic Triplet Witches, and her Works like Magick Novels, and the Vintage Magic Mysteries. 

Annette's work has garnered multiple Romantic Times TOP PICKS, Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and HOLT Medallion nominations.  A triple Golden Heart Finalist, she's also finaled in the Golden Leaf, the Lauries, the Golden Quill, and the National Readers' Choice Awards.  She’s won multiple Booksellers Best Awards, LORIES Awards, Laurel Wreath, Blue Boa, Aspen Gold, RIO, Southern Magic, More than Magic, Orange Rose, Winter Rose, PRISM, Beacon, Colorado Awards of Excellence, Write Touch Readers' Choice Awards and an Orange County Book Buyer's Best Award. With SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH, Annette took home three Anne-Bonney Readers’ Choice Awards out of four.  VAMPIRE DRAGON, her third Works Like Magick Novel, a "B&N Jules's Pick Must Read" and a "Night Owl 5 star plus TOP PICK"  hit stores in April 2011. SKIRTING THE GRAVE, her fourth Vintage Magic Mystery, hit stores in July 2011.

Recent re-prints include: Jacob's Return, an Amish Historical, a Kindle US & UK TOP 100 Bestseller (formerly titled Thee, I Love) also contracted as an audio book; The Butterfly Garden, another Amish Historical, and Scoundrel in Disguise a Victorian Historical, both due before the end of 2011.



by Annette Blair

My purpose in writing this is to tell those of you who are at the beginning, in the middle, or toward that illusive “First Sale” point in your roller-coaster writing career, that persistence pays off, even if that first sale doesn't happen fast.  If you write daily, submit your work, continue to learn and grow in your craft, you WILL make that first sale.  I'm living proof.Count each baby step--an honorable mention, a good rejection letter, an agent who thinks your writing has promise:  They’re important
Before I sold, when published authors announced new sales, I’d think, big deal, so what?  Of course you sold.  Because back then I had no idea that the struggle continued beyond the first sale, but now I know better, and so should you . . . if only to soften the sharp blow of reality.  Yes, it’s a never-ending roller coaster, and the lows are low, but oh man, the highs are incredible.
Step onto my personal coaster and join me for some ups and downs that will help you appreciate the upward movement of your career. 
 1987/88—Christmas Break from school.  My daughter challenged me to take my plot ideas from my nightstand drawer and write a book. 
  • That day, I began writing AWAKE TO A NEW DAWN—which sold as LADY FAITH eleven years later.
 1988—Daughter said send my book to a publisher, and I said, “No way.” 
  • I got 26 rejections that year, from publishers and agents, though one of the publishers didn't publish romance.  He liked the book, though.
  • I started MORE THAN A PROMISE, which will never see the light of day. Hubby had said I should start with an outline, so I did.  The rejection said:  “It reads like an outline.”  It should have said:  “It has no plot.”  Moral of the story:  "Don't let your husband help you write a romance." 
1989—I got an agent—bad move agent-wise, and the first of several. 
  • Got five rejections through that agent. 
  • I saw an ad for a Spring into Romance conference in NY.  I sent my registration, took a train to NY, got a hotel.  At the conference Roberta Gellis told me about Rhode Island Romance Writers and RWA (Romance Writers of America), including the New England Chapter.   Who knew?  
  • Entered my first contest.  My combined score: 26 out of a possible hundred.  I knew squat.  Several other contests were not much better.  Yes, I was a contest slut from the very beginning, and oh man did I get horrible scores.
  • I joined RWA, went to their conference in Boston, and learned I knew nothing about writing.  I met people from my local chapters.  What a helpful group of women and so advanced in their careers.  I had a lot to learn.
  • Got an Honorable Mention for MORE THAN A PROMISE.  Go figure.  This is the single early book that was never published.
  • Entered a few more contests and saw the scores go up as far as maybe 56 out of a possible hundred.  I had a POV problem.  What the hell was POV?
  • Kept going to NEC & RIRW meetings and revising my first two manuscripts according to what I’d learn at each—did that a trillion times.
  • I received a second Honorable Mention
1990—Six rejections that year.
  • More lousy contest scores.
  • One more Honorable Mention
1991—Four rejections that year.
  • Started writing PATIENCE OF A SAINT, which sold eight years later as LADY PATIENCE.
  • Took two years to write that book.  I stopped being obsessive and went for as long as a month or two without writing.  Bad habit, induced by discouragement.
  • Got two honorable mentions for LADY PATIENCE.  Maybe the re-writes were helping.  I found that encouraging.
  • Kate Duffy requested LADY PATIENCE for Meteor’s new Historical Line.
 1992—Sixteen rejections that year, including one from Nancy Yost, who thought I had potential.  Nancy is my current agent and my smartest choice ever.
  • The Meteor Line folded.  In six years, Kate Duffy would actually buy LADY PATIENCE and two other books which would make my first sale.  I wonder if she would have bought LADY PATIENCE in 1992, if the line hadn’t gone under?  Story of the business.
  • I began writing ACT OF CHARITY which would sell ten years later as AN UNMISTAKABLE ROGUE.
 1993—Seven rejections that year.
  • Continued working on ACT OF CHARITY.  I did not write, daily, weekly or even monthly in the mid 90’s.  Try not to get into that slump.  It slows you down in more than words on the page.
 1994—Four rejections that year.
  • LADY PATIENCE got a Top Ten Award in a contest.
  • I began writing THEE, I LOVE, which would sell in five years as part of my first sale.
  • I became obsessed with writing as I had two more hours in the day to write now that I'd moved closer to my day job and wasn’t commuting.  I began writing daily again.
 1995—Got my second agent--another bad move.
  • Six rejections that year.
  • Continued working on THEE, I LOVE
  • Started entering more contests
 1996—Three rejections that year. 
  • A second place win for ACT OF CHARITY.
  • A third place win for THEE, I LOVE
  • A fifth place win for THEE, I LOVE
  • A Golden Heart Finalist for ACT OF CHARITY, published six years later as AN UNMISTAKABLE ROGUE—I thought I’d sell instantly as a Golden Heart Finalist—Wrong.
1997—Eighteen rejections that year.
  • A First place win for AWAKE TO A NEW DAWN, which had become KEEPING FAITH, which would sell as LADY FAITH in one very, very long year.
  • A Golden Heart Finalist for LADY PATIENCE—I thought surely now, with two Golden Heart Finals, I’d make that first sale—Wrong.
1998—Eight rejections that year.
  • March—A Golden Heart Finalist for THEE, I LOVE—third GH final—But I was totally jaded and knew I’d never sell. 
  • April—New England Chapter Conference.  Awesome conference, by the way.  I pitched to Kate Duffy.  She asked to see everything I’d written.
  • June 23rd at 1:10 pm—THE CALL. Kate Duffy bought LADY PATIENCE, LADY FAITH and THEE, I LOVE.  I have never seen my hands shake as much as when I realized I’d made my first sale.  I called everyone from the New England Chapter and Rhode Island Romance Writers.  They cried with me.
1999—My first three books were released.
  • I started writing THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN which would not sell for five years.
  • I started writing A RAKE UNDENIABLE which would sell as AN UNDENIABLE ROGUE in three years.
  • I got the last of my counted rejections.  Now they’re just passes and have become part of the journey
  • No new sales.
 2000—I got my third agent.  When she quit the business, she relinquished all rights to the books we sold together. I will always be grateful for that.
  • I wrote one and a half Victorian Historicals, A PERFECT SCANDAL and its untitled sequel.
  • No new sales.
  • I went to Salem Massachusetts for a weekend with friends, saw a shop called The Kitchen Witch, and thought, WHAT IF...that was the name of a Salem TV cooking show and the woman who got the job couldn’t cook?  Hmm.  The idea for THE KITCHEN WITCH was born.
  • My first Victorian Historical, A PERFECT SCANDAL, won the PASIC (Published Authors Special Interest Chapter) contest.  It would be released as SCOUNDREL IN DISGUISE five years later.
2002—Two Rogues were released and they were award-winning hits, which I believe was my first BIG break.
2003—Nancy Yost became my agent, my second BIG break. She’s awesome.
  • Nancy sold THE KITCHEN WITCH, my first single title contemporary, a bewitching romantic comedy, to Berkley, my third BIG break.  
  • We sold A CHRISTMAS BABY to Kensington, the last of the rogues . . . so far.
  • AN UNMISTAKABLE ROGUE came out with a larger print run than the first two, already out of print.
2004—THE KITCHEN WITCH became a runaway “smash hit” and later reaped a host of awards. (As of 2011, it's in its 10th printing.)
  • We sold MY FAVORITE WITCH to Berkley.
  • We sold a novella in an anthology called HOT TICKET with Deirdre Martin & Julia London.
  • THE KITCHEN WITCH & A CHRISTMAS BABY came out in October.
2005—THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN was released in hardbound
  • THE KITCHEN WITCH & A CHRISTMAS BABY began winning awards & contests.
2006—MY FAVORITE WITCH came out in January and became a National Bestseller.
  • HOT TICKET, with my first ever novella, came out in trade paperback in May, another bestseller
  • SCOUNDREL IN DISGUISE came out in hardbound in May
  • The trade paperback version of THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN came out in June
  • THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN started winning awards.
  • April 13th, I retired from my day job to become . . . A FULL-TIME WRITER!
  • Nancy sold a trilogy of psychic triplet witches to Berkley in what I like to call my first “big girl” deal:
  • Luncheon speaker  2007 New England Chapter Conference in April 2007. 
  • THE SCOT, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE second National Bestseller.
    • A Doubleday Book Club Selection
    • A Rhapsody Book Club Hot off the Press Selection
      • Rhapsody Book Club Famous First Line
      • Topped the Charts at Rhapsody Book Club for four months
2007—SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH, August 2007, Another National Bestseller
  • New England Conference Luncheon Speaker in May
  • Sold my first mystery series to Berkley Prime Crime in May
  • THE SCOT, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE published in large print in July
  • Five contract deadlines to meet in the next year and a half
2008—GONE WITH THE WITCH, May 2008
  • Learned that my books have been modeled at Barnes & Noble--automatic reorder as sold and no more running out or stripping covers--a major career milestone.
  • Learned that ON WRITING ROMANCE by Leigh Michaels cites THE KITCHEN WITCH in several places in her book.  I find it uber cool to be indexed in a HOW TO WRITE book.
  • Sold the Accidental Witch Trilogy to Germany.
  • First Vintage Magic Mystery, A VEILED DECEPTION, Jan 2009
  • Third Triplet, NEVER BEEN WITCHED, February 2009
  • Second Vintage Magic Mystery, LARCENY AND LACE, August 2009
  • Mass Market Paperback release, HOT TICKET Anthology, September 2009
  • Sold three more books in the Vintage Magic Mystery series to make six mysteries.
    • My total books sold is twenty-five.
  • THE NAKED DRAGON, A Works Like Magick Novel, January 2010
  • DEATH BY DIAMONDS, Third Vintage Magic Mystery, April 2010
  • BEDEVILED ANGEL, A Works Like Magick Novel, August 2010
    • A VEILED DECEPTION, my first Vintage Magick Mystery, was an RT Book Club Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee
    • LARCENY AND LACE, Second Vintage Magic Mystery, went into a second printing.
    • I contracted novellas for two anthologies for Constable & Robinson Publishing in the UK and Running Press Publishing in the US:
    • I contracted a novella for an anthology with HCI Books, the Chicken Soup for the Soul Publisher for:
    • Total books sold is twenty-eight.
  • FALL IN LOVE LIKE A ROMANCE WRITER Anthology, February 1
  • JACOB'S RETURN (formerly THEE, I LOVE) Amish Historical, Re-issue, May
    • #1 Kindle Bestseller, Amish Historical Romance
    • #1 Lachesis Bestseller, Fictionwise
    • Top 100 Kindle Bestsellers, US UK
      • Sold as an Audiobook
  • VAMPIRE DRAGON, third Works Like Magick Novel, April 5
  • SKIRTING THE GRAVE, Fourth Vintage Magic Mystery, July 5
  • THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN, Amish Historical, Re-issue, TBA
  • SCOUNDREL IN DISGUISE, Amish Historical, Re-issue, TBA

    • Uxbridge Free Library, Presenter, March 26th
    • Some Enchanted Evening, Presenter, March 27th
    • Miami Dade College Arts & Letters Day, Presenter, April 6th
    • Keynote & Presenter, The New England Chapter
      • Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference, April 30th
    • Connecticut Fiction Fest, May 14, Presenter
    • Cape Cod Writers Conference, August 15 to 19
    • New Jersey Romance Writers
      • Put your Heart in a Book Conference, Oct 21 & 22, Presenter
    • New Hampshire Writers Conference, September
  • 2011 News:
    • Sold SCOUNDREL IN DISGUISE, A Victorian, to Debut a new line for Lachesis Publishing.
    • Sold JACOB'S RETURN as an audiobook
    • Sold THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN as an audiobook
    • Sold SISTERS OF SPIRIT Anthology
  • CLOAKED IN MALICE, Fifth Vintage Magic Mystery, April 2012
  • OPERATION PETTICOAT, Sixth Vintage Magic Mystery, TBA 2012
  • SCOUNDREL IN DISGUISE, a Victorian, set to Debut TWO O'CLOCK PRESS, a new Classics Line by Lachesis Publishing.
  • SISTERS OF SPIRIT Anthology, PICTURE IT by Annette Blair, debuting three new writers: Jeanine Spikes, Lynn Jenssen, and Christine Mazurk.
  • That's the story of my roller coaster . . . so far . . . .
  • An overnight success . . . as you see.  
No more 'rejections,' because I hate the 'R' word.  I block any "passes" from my mind and move on.
I sincerely believe that if you write daily, submit your work, continue to learn and grow in your craft, that you WILL make that first sale.  Then it’ll be like going from high school to college, or college to the workplace, a different kind of challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.  An invigorating challenge.  Writing always is, but it's not for the faint of heart.
Grow a thick skin; you’ll need it.
Nevertheless, I wish YOU instant success, a ride straight to the stars, which many have achieved—I was not one of them.  If your roller coaster does not fly straight up, then I wish you tenacity, all our support, hours of writing pleasure, and a career that is worthy of your struggle.  Never give up ... and pay attention to the signs.
Hugs, and Happy Writing.
Any questions? Comments?  Leave them in the comments section so Annette can read and answer any question or comment you have. 


  1. What a journey, but it proves you should never give up. You never what what awaits you around the corner!

    Love ya Annette!

    Amber Skyze

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  3. Thank you Amber. It was a LOOONG journey, but the friends I made along the way made it all worthwhile.

  4. That's why I put it up, Susanna. I figure, if I made it, anyone can. Tenacity; that's the word for the published author.

  5. Annette, this was what I really needed to read today ! You are SO inspiring, what a journey and THANKS for sharing :)


  6. You're welcome Kym. You made my day, too.

  7. Wow. Great reading, Annette, and inspirational for those in early days.

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  9. Thank you Liz; it's the people in the early days I was aiming for, when you want to give up, because you think 3 months is a long time and why aren't they getting back to you; you must really suck...

  10. Thanks Leeanne. It's a painful way to inspire, but it's my truth.

  11. I've decided that meteoric rises are overrated. LOL.

  12. Just wanted to check in and say thank you to Annette and everyone for there comments and taking part in this. I love knowing I was able to be a part of this. The post will be up until Monday when I have our first synopsis so make sure you check back then!

  13. Thank you Cynthia for helping to make me a part of this.

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  21. Christie, my pleasure. Not always going through it, but proving it works.

  22. Rebecca, you're right. It's so much like life, and like a roller coaster. :)

  23. I'd just like to update you on my writing journey. On July 22nd, 2012 CLOAKED IN MALICE my 5th Vintage Magic Mystery hit THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST!

    Annette, Happy Dancing