Friday, September 23, 2011

Only a Fraction

Who am I you ask?

Ah, some times I wonder. I, like many women in today's society wear many different hats. So I've decided I'm Wonder Woman, actually no I'm only kidding. 

But seriously, we do; men and women alike wear many hats these days.  For example most of us are parents, teachers, musicians, taxi drivers, maids, chefs, bakers, gardeners, the list goes on and on. How many different things do you do in a day?  I bet it's more than that, don't worry, me too. Those things don't make us who we are though.  There is so much more to us then that.  So I have decided to finally share my ten things about me.

1) I'm a wife and a mother of  two very active lovable boys.

2) I'm a dog lover. ( I kept my Buster even after I found out I was allergic and started allergy shots just so I could keep him. We miss you Buster!)   Now I have another dog Rascal, because I'm a glutton for punishment.

3)  I teach religious education class.

4) I love to sew, although I never have time anymore.

5)  I love to cook, when I have the time.

6)  I hate doing laundry.

7)  I hate knives, I have a deep fear of them.  They are dangerous, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

8)  I was on the PTA Board.  I had to quit and miss it,  but hey there are only so many hours in a day.

9) I hate swimming in ponds.  Slimy Yuk!

10) I love fresh cut flowers.

But even this is only a fraction of who I am.

Your turn, tell me about you?  What things do you love? Hate?  What are your ten things?


  1. I'm superwoman! So, you can be wonderwoman. Lol

  2. I love these types of posts. It's always interesting learning more about fellow writers. =)

    My 10 Things:

    1. I'm a professional movie and wine reviewer. As such, I see a new movie and drink..err..taste 1 new wine a week. (At least!)

    2. My day job involves managing a global team of consultants for an international consulting firm

    3. I'm also a freelance writer for an amazing firm

    4. I met the love of my life 6 years ago and am more in love today than I was when we first met. We're getting married next year.

    5. I'm from CA but live in Maine

    6. I'm a cat person. Michael and I have two cat.

    7. I have an irrational fear of sharks.

    8. I'm also a recipe writer and an avid cook. I make one new dish every week.

    9. I rediscovered my love for exercise a few months ago and now struggle to take a day off.

    10. I believe in kindness, honesty, and true love.

  3. Wonder Woman was always my favorite super hero! Like it says on my blog, I'm a writer, press agent, cat owner, and New Yorker :) There is more to me then that, but I thought I would keep it brief.

  4. I am with you on the knives! I consider myself lucky I've still got ten fingers. Hate knives.

    Short list: mom of 3, writer, wife, baker of cookies, independant business woman, lover of other cultures, teacher of 4 year olds at Church, some-time joyschool teacher, friend . . .

    Okay, I did say short so I'd better stop.