Friday, January 13, 2012

Festival of Color- Game by Ozlem Yikici

Ozlem has devised an interesting game. I really love the idea. Take a situation, setting, and two characters and write a short dialogue to go along with it. A few of us bloggers signed up to play the game. Each of us had to write a short profile of the characters and short dialogue to go with it. Next we got to see how our characters played out with different authors. Unfortunately life happens and the game has not been able to continue. Until now.

Please hop on over to Ozlem's site to catch up on the rules, since she is better at explaining them than I am. Click here to hop over.

I am also posting my short shorty below for your enjoyment, put please in order to get the full effect hop over to Ozlem too see what other people wrote and then come back and let me know what you think. It's really cool!

Ted grounds keeper 75 year old and hates kids. He has a limp and very good eye sight.
Katie is a twelve year old girl hiding in the barn. 

Katie knows more about why she was left at the festival them she is saying.

Ted looks down at a half empty bag of popcorn on the ground. He was getting to old for this job. As grounds keeper for the festival and hitting 75 in a few months he knew his years of bending down picking up other peoples crap was limited.

“Damn kids. Why can’t they ever use the garbage can?” Ted says as he bends down to pick it up. In the corner of his eye he sees a small glossy red shoe sticking out from behind something in the barn a few feet away. Ted limped, entered the barn and yanked at the shoe. Attached to the shoe is a leg, a long skinny leg, attached to a young girl wearing a blue and white checkered skirt.

“Well, I’ll be damned. What are you doing here after hours?”

“I got lost. I was in the bathroom. I didn’t hear the last call.”

“Oh, come on. You can do better then that. Come on there’s nothing hear to see after closing. Get going.” Ted pointed towards the exit.

“I…I can’t. My ride left.”

Ted put his hands on his hips annoyed. He didn’t have time for this. He needed to clear the grounds of garbage for the continued festivities tomorrow, and he didn’t have all night.

“How old are you, twelve, thirteen?”

“I’m twelve.”

“There’s no way your ride left without you. Go on get going.”

“But I can’t. I don’t know where she is.”

“Who is, your ride?” The girl just nodded.

“Well go to the exit and look around.” Ted said starting to walk away. The girl grabbed his harm. He was surprised by her strength.

“She’s not there. I know because I….”

“You what?” Ted stared at the girl, but the girl wouldn’t answer.

“What’s your name?” Ted sighed.

“Katie.” Ted looked down at Katie’s hand still clenching his arm. Katie let go and dropped her hand to her sides.

“Katie, tell you what, I walk you to the office. You can use the phone there to call someone to pick you up.” Ted turned and started to walk away.

“There is no one to call.” Katie mumbled.

Ted sighed. He didn’t like kids, he liked them even less when he had to deal with them. It didn’t seem this one was going to go away.


“Because there’s no one to call.” Katie looked up and stared at Ted. The look in her eyes gave Ted a creepy feeling.

“There’s always someone to call.” Ted said nervously.

“Then you better call someone Ted.”

“How did you know my name?” Ted frowned.

Tell me what you think, do you like the idea of the game? What would you write for the profile? What did you think of the other dialogues?   


  1. Cynthia - the game sounds cool. I'll have to hop over and check it out. :) I love the story you've stared here... sounds interesting!

  2. Sounds like a neat game. Maybe I'll hop over and give it a try.