Monday, January 9, 2012

Part II: Pride and Joy

I wasn't planning on making a Part II to this post, but I was so interested in the comments from this post that I had to make another post on it.

I have to say I was really surprised to hear that some of you have not been inspired by your teachers. It honestly felt me feeling sad. I feel so forunite that I have had many teachers in my life who have inspired me growing up.

Through out my school career math has been my down fall. I'm horrible at it, ask my husband I still am. (I've a posted about my and my horrors, if you are interested). Anyway, even though math isn't my favorite, and I'm not the best math student one of my teachers who I looked up to was a math teacher. She was understanding and compassionate. She understood that not everyone loves and is a good at it as she is and she tried to make it fun, if not barable for those who struggled.

Another teacher who at the time I didn't appreciate was my expository writing teacher in college. I hated this woman. Every paper I turned in the hacked. For homework I had to redo it an was given another assignment. Before I knew it I have at least five papers for homework from her alone, and that didn't count my other sudjects. Looking back now while writing my novels, my query, and synopsis I wish I had her back. I didn't realize what a favor she was doing me.

Could it be that we just don't realize how much these teachers are helping us but us are just not ready to receive and be open to what is offered us at the time?  I wonder.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think if you had these teachers now it would have made a difference, like with my college professor?


  1. Absolutely! I showed writing talent at age ten. My parents didn't really encourage me, but if a teacher had, I think I may have taken my writing more seriously and pursued it a lot sooner than when I did.

  2. My teachers were probably teaching me a lot of useful things in high school and college...too bad I wasn't listening. :) I do sometimes think about how I would try so much harder if I was in school now. I did have a creative writing teacher in high school that made a huge impact. He kept me after class one day and told me I had real talent. I can't say I wouldn't have become a writer anyway, but you never know. His words really stuck with me.

  3. I feel, as one of the uninspired in the previous post, like I should be able to come back here and change my tune. I LOVED my band director in high school, but that was because I admired the way he pushed through the annoyance of dealing with kids who were goofing off and only taking the class as an elective, because he knew there were enough of us who did care and he was working hard to teach us.

    Oh hey, look! I did come up with something after all. :o)