Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pride and Joy!

(Note this post was originally scheduled before Christmas)

Tonight I had the pleasure of heading back to school after a long day of work. It was a special occasion. Tonight was the elementary school's holiday concert. For my husband and I we were especially lucky because we got to stick around for the whole thing. You see one son is in the band, while the other is in the chorus.

The usual Christmas songs were sung, and I have to say for kids ages 7 through 10 they were good. I was totally impressed with the band. If you closed your eyes you never would have guessed the students were only in elementary school and the chorus was great!

I'm am most impressed with the music teachers though. For one they are dedicated people who think of the students first and foremost. The band teacher was professional and likable. I could tell the students really look up to him and take music seriously. The chorus teacher is A-okay in my book too. The student's really support him and give their all. I'll tell you it must be hard to teach a music class while being blind, but Mr. Z does. The teachers and students love him and it shows. After tonight's performance I can see why.

He's the type of person who knows his short comings, and he never lets them stop him. He is there every Tuesday before school for the chorus club, teaches chorus and the recorder to the third through fifth grades. What I loved most is I got to hear him play the piano for the kids during the concert. (Their last teacher just played a CD it's music class for crying out loud. I want to hear a live instrument!)

How does this pertain to writing? Short comings. We all have them. For some of us it is that we are just starting out and could learn more . It could be that we struggle with tag lines, settings, POV, grammar, the list goes on. My point? Don't give up. Work, work harder then you have ever worked before.

Somethings come easy for people, others it's hard, but if we give up we will never hear that beautiful music we all can create. Mr. Z never gave up and look at him now. He's playing music and sharing his love for music with the kids, but he is also teaching them something much more important. Never give up your dream, no matter how far a reach it may seem.  And that is a powerful message.

What teacher inspired you to live your dream despite the odds? Tell me, I'd love to know!


  1. Only one teacher comes to mind...what he taught me was tolerance and patience. I was a quiet rebel in junior high, never acting or speaking out...just not participating. He saw through my rebellion as shyness and helped me.

  2. Teachers really can be inspiring! Mr. Z sounds like a great guy! The teacher who inspired me, was my orchestra director in high school. He saw my talent, and encouraged me to pursue a career in music. I am now a private music teacher, teaching violin, viola, and piano. I love what I do, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else (aside from my other job of writing). Being a musician also gave me the experience to perform as a soloist and travel around the world. If I had been a biology major, I'm sure my life would've been much different. Thank you, Mr. Miller!

  3. Beautiful tribute to Mr. Z. I had some great teachers myself. Mrs. Marco, my AP Lit teacher, was the best. I wish I could find her on FB or something. Also, Mrs. Gutwalt, my 10th grade English teacher, AKA The Grammar Nazi. But...those weren't really against all odds. I didn't have any of those, I don't think.

    Again, beautiful post.

  4. This is awesome! I had a teacher in the 6th grade who convinced us to band the entire 6th grade together and skip lunch bring home lunch on the same day. See, we were mad that the school cancelled our 6th grade dance so she taught us an acceptable way to protest. It was awesome! I love teachers like that!

    Also - thanks for letting me know I forgot to connect you guys to my new blog earlier today. So... my new blog is But be sure to pop back over to so you can enter to win in the giveaway! :)

  5. Yup! Never give up! Just keep striving forward. :) Great post.

  6. Way to go, Mr. Z!

    What's kind of sad, is I'm sitting here trying to think of a teacher that had the most impact on my life or taught me a good life lesson (and maybe it's just because it's still early) but I'm drawing a blank. :o(

  7. I'm sorry to say that for me, the inspiring teachers were not from school! My most inspiring teachers were my riding teacher and my piano teacher. But maybe because I loved horses and music way more than school ;) Although I did always love English and writing, and never had a teacher that truly inspired me there....