Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Just In!

A News Update!

Just checking in to let you know I haven't forgotten any of my friends in the blog world. I wanted to just stop in and let everyone know what I have been up too these days.

First off sadly enough, but I have not been critiquing any work lately. What is worse is that I haven't been writing either.  I miss it, I really do, but unless/until things calm down either at work or at home I don't see that happening any time soon which is why I have been away for so long.

My husband is changing jobs this coming Monday so in preparation for that I have had to make sure all doctor's appointment and medicines are up to date with the change over of insurance. Never a fun thing when you have to get blood work done every four to six weeks to regulate my Thyroid medicine, my son's inhaler medicine and my other's sons ADHD medicine.

Work has me swamped, and my boys are on two different baseball team this season. Tonight they play each other. I can't wait.  I'll have to make sure I sign in tomorrow so I can give you guys an update on who won and who lost. But really are there really any losers? All that matters is played your best and have fun. At least that is what I'm going to tell them tonight. LOL

Now you know where I have been part of the time, on the ball field, and loving every minute of it! What fun things have all of you been up too these past weeks?

 Leave a comment, I've love to hear from you!


  1. First off, good luck to your husband in his new job. How exciting! (and how scary.) I'll keep my fingers crossed everything goes well. And good luck to your boys. I hope they both play well and that it's a close game, no matter who wins.

    Sorry you haven't been writing, but I'm sure it'll come once things calm down for you. :hugs:

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on. Hopefully you'll find a little time to write!

  3. Hey, Cynthia! =)
    My husband has changed jobs a quite few times (it's getting ready to happen again) I know what you mean...especially about Dr. appointments and making sure you have enough meds. =/

    Hope everything is going well...and btw, I presented you with a Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog:
    Enjoy! =)

    xoxox, Shannon <3