Monday, September 7, 2015

Apple Season!

It's apple season! Know what that means? Of course you do. It means apple picking. Over the years my husband and I always got this wrong. We would wait until the first of October and say "Hey, boys let's go apple picking." We would drive to the local apple orchard and find most of the apples gone.

Apparently we were out of practice. October is pumpkin season, we knew that but we also thought it was apple season. Wrong! Apple season is in September. We got it right now.

There is something about fall apples. Sure you can go to the local super market and get apples all year round and I do, but you have to admit they just aren't the same. That first bite of a perfectly ripe fall apple is amazing. So light, so crisp and juicy. Then there is the smell, oh it's heavenly. Nothing else compares.

I usually spend my weekend morning during this season making my husbands favorite: Apple Cake. It is a recipe handed down from my Grandmother. Everyone in the family made sure they got a copy. We wanted to make use her recipes lived on after she past. I promise you Grandma Helen, I think of you every time I make the apple cake. What better way to honor a loved one?  I usually have to make more than one a season I can tell you that and I know Grandma Helen did too.

What are your favorite recipes made with fresh fall apples? Tell me, maybe we can share.
Happy Apple Picking!-

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  1. *sigh* here in Mexico (Caribbean side) there are no fresh apples. They're all coated with something to make them last. I have no idea how old some of these apples are. BUT...when I lived in the States, McIntosh was my apple of choice for making apple pies. I liked the consistency of them when they baked down and that slight tartness.