Monday, October 19, 2015

There's Just Something About Those Ducks

Make Way For Ducklings, By Robert McCloskey. It is such a simple idea. Such a simple storyline. I think that is way people love it so much. Hey you know you have a great story when a whole city dedicates a memorial to it. I have to say Boston is great like that.

I've always loved Boston. It's a beautiful city. But the story isn't about Boston. It only takes place in Boston. Make Way For Ducklings is more than just about ducks though too. It is about people. People who make time during their busy day to realize what is important.

Many of us forget what is important. We rush around all day working, cleaning, running errands, cooking, etc.. doing all sorts of things that distract us from what is important. And what is important? You actually have to ask? It's people/animals taking the time to care of each other.

In the story the mother guides her family through the busy streets of Boston. Now most of us know as humans this is not an easy thing to do anywhere, but in a busy city it is even harder. So now imagine you are an animal, a duck, a cat, a rabbit any animal will do and try to image navigating your brood through a busy city street. Not fun, not easy, and very stressful. But when you have the help of others what may seem impossible becomes possible.

You know the term, :"it takes a village" well, when taking care of a family, when taking care of each other; it does take a village. How else does a village thrive? When we care for each other, we all thrive. It really is that simple and it really shouldn't be that hard to remember. But we are human and sometimes we need the innocence of animals (like the lovely ducklings) to remind us to stop, look around and take care of what is important. Each other. Thank you Mr. McCloskey for a wonderful, inspiring story we can happily hand down for generations to come.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful comparison, and an enjoyable read.