Monday, December 28, 2015

Interview with: Sheri Sanders, Author, Actress, Teacher!

This is an exciting day for me.  This is the day I get to post about a good friend of mine from high school. Under normal conditions posting about a friend is a usual occurrence in the blog world.  We talk all the time about our family life, our children, pets, and our friends.  Today though is different. It is different because I am here to help introduce a new talent to the word, Sheri Sanders.

Sheri is not only and author, but an actress.  She has performed on and off broadway and teaches acting classes in colleges and all over the country.  She has studied and perfected her art and she has decided to share her knowledge with the world.  Pretty gracious if you ask me.  Her new book is out now and it's called Rock the Audition: How to Prepare for and Get Cast in Rock Musicals.  I have to say I love the title of this book.  Mostly because when I read the title I can picture Sheri acting on stage and singing her heart out.  I think those who know Sheri personally will agree.  But, wait, you still don't know Sheri, well them it's time to meet her!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Sheri Sander, my interview:

1) Tell us a little bit about your back ground. Where did you study your craft?

  I studied acting with great teachers here in the city but I studied popular music by listening to the radio!

2) Tell us about your experience with auditions and what made you decide to write a book on the subject?
I wrote a book because there was no formal training in auditioning for rock musicals. And it's something that I was naturally good at so I was happy to help the performers  who grew up listening to show tunes.

3) What type of research did you do?

 I watched alot of you tube videos and listened to alot of records!

4) How did you tackle the process of getting published? Did you submit to agents or go straight to self publishing?

I cold called Hal Leonard they asked me to write a book proposal. I did an I got a book deal!

5) You travel all over the country teaching classes, where are you headed next and what are you excited about once you get there?

  I'm trying desperately to get to Australia! It looks-so beautiful there!

6) What is next for you?
I am looking to invite producers and theatrical organizations to my rock concert in October in the Nymf festival . I need someone to invest in me. It's too big for me to do on my own now!  (NyMf is the New York Musical Festival).

7) How can you be reached, and where can Rock the Audition be purchased?


     My book is in every barnes and noble across the country!

So there you have it everyone, Sheri Sanders, Actress, Author, Teacher, and lover of the arts!  Click on the links to buy her book and check out her website. You can check out Sheri's whereabouts on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Interesting interview! Good luck with the book :)

  2. Very cool! She sounds like she is amazingly talented! So glad you shared this with us.

  3. It was a pleasure to talk to Sheri about her book and her goals as an artist. Don't forget to check out the New York Musical Festival Website listed above. If your in the area check it out! And make sure you say Hi! to Sheri, she really is as nice and giving as she sounds.

  4. She sounds like an amazingly dynamic friend, and she's got guts. Cold calling is horrible to have to do. So glad it worked for her.
    I've come via our Campaign group and I've just followed. Hope to get to know you better.

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