Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Swinging Around the Christmas Tree

Susanna Leonard Hill is having a contest.  You should check her out. I love her site. 

So I decided to enter her contest, so sit back, grab the lines and enjoy!

Swinging Around the Christmas Tree

Swinging around the Christmas tree
The squirrel swung from branch to branch.

No one saw him huddled inside
For outside was cold and damp.

He fell asleep on the warm ride home snuggled against the trunk
For when he opened up his eyes
His home was brightly funk.

He swung around the Christmas tree
A delight from branch to branch
As each ornament he past
They made a funny clank.

Until he made it to the top
The angel smiling down,
He felt a warmth like none before and hugged her
Home at last.


  1. I'm picturing a squirrel who really digs that uptown funk. So funny :) Good luck!

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  3. Cute! I like the idea of a squirrel accidentally coming home with the Christmas tree.

  4. Whoa! Made me look carefully at my tree. Nope, I didn't take any squirrel home with me. Whew! Ha ha, great story. :)

  5. Ha! Reminded me of the Griswalds. :)

  6. Ha! Reminded me of the Griswalds. :)

  7. You know, I often wonder why more small animals don't accidentally wind up inside people's homes :) What a fun story, Cynthia. Glad Squirrel found warmth and home :) Happy Holidays and thank so much for joining in the contest fun!