Monday, December 21, 2015

The Farmers

(I'm am posting this a little late to give time for Contest over at Susanna Leonard Hill's website)

So A few weeks ago I posted a small sample from my Uncle's work in progress. Today I thought I would post a small sample of one of my own. This is the opening of my YA novel. The Guardian: Farmers  

Trinity and her brother David are inseparable twins, until David decides to leave the farm and join the military. Every birthday Trinity looks forward to when David returns for their birthday celebration, but this time David returns with this friend Michael and Trinity is anything but thrilled. When David starts evading Trinity on errands he claims he has in town Michael tries to calm her fears, but Trinity knows her brother, and she knows when something is up. Then when their whole unit turns up at the farm, all hell brakes lose. 

David isn't their to celebrate his birthday with this sister. He is there to recruit her. Trinity has a special ability they need, but joining the military was never something she wanted to do. Trinity doesn't want to leave the farm and her parents, they need her help, but her brother and her country need her too. Trinity needs to decide, does she stay so her parents won't lose the farm, or does she leave so her parents can keep the farm after the war is over?

I hope you enjoy. Oh, and don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments.
Chapter One#
“You’re sixteen, you have your whole life ahead of you, what the hell would you want to go into the army for?” I remember my father yelling at my brother, David.
“They lowered the age minimum. We need the men if we are going to win this war.”
“Yes, men. You are just a boy.”
“I’m old enough to enlist, I’m enlisting.”
“We need you here.” My father yelled.
“I’m needed there too.” David shouted back.
When I saw my father’s face a little piece of my heart broke that day. He was hurt; so broken. It killed me I couldn't fix his pain. I turned to David praying he would give in and change his mind. My mother stepped in ignoring my father’s shouts. She placed herself between the two of them.
“You will always be welcome in this house. You will always have a place to come home too.” My mother cupped David’s face in her hand  reached up and kissed him on the forehead, “Just make sure you come home.”
    I remember my father storming out of the house after that. If my brother's decision had come at any other time I really don’t think my father would have flipped out the way he did. It was as if the stress of being short on help, the government taking most of our crops, bills piling up, and the farm close to foreclosure, meant nothing to my brother.
My father didn't come home until late that night. I sat up waiting for him in my bedroom. I stared at the clock willing him to come home before morning. David had gone out with friends and had come back long before Dad came home.
   That was over two years ago. David was due home today.

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